Export of mediterranean plants

In 1984 Mark Pyck anticipated the enormous potential of the Kentia palm for the European green market. He started up a company named ‘Sicil Impex’ which germinates and grows first-quality Kentia seedlings and young plants in Sicily. Due to the ideal climate and superb cooperation of specialized Sicilian growers, the region has become one of the most prosperous for growing exquisite Kentia palms worldwide.

In the early nineties the French market was looking for a larger variety of Mediterranean plants. Soon, this new interest had spread all over Europe and even further away. The direct cooperation of the local growers and climatically perfect conditions enables Sicil-Impex to offer a wide range of select quality controlled Mediterranean patio plants.

In 1995 Sabine Weilandt, Mark’s wife, made her successful entry in the company and today is the main representative for German-speaking countries. The steadily growing export volume made a further expansion of the staff necessary so Tim Floré joined the team at Sicil-Impex. In 2010 Tim Floré took over the management of the export company.

Customer friendly and flexible service has helped the company to continue exportation work successfully even in the face of the economic crisis. The enormous and diversified offering of carefully selected Mediterranean potted plants, combined with our extensive experience in logistics, gives us the ability to be a reliable and vital partner for our customers.